History and development

History and development

Year 2012 (6/2012)

  • Become Oracle Platinum Partner
  • Become Microsoft Gold Partner in the array of Original Equipment Manufacturer, Silver partner in arrays: Communications, Hosting and Management & Virtualization.
  • Being given the Certificate of Merit Hanoi People's Committee for the business achievement in 2011.

Year 2011

  • Become Microsoft Silver Partner in the array: Server Platform and Desktop
  • Being awarded "Partner with the highest revenue and growth for mass middleware products" and "The leader in deploying Exadata Partner" of Oracle Vietnam, Fiscal year  2011
  • Being awarded "Partner receives high customer satisfaction" by Cisco

Year 2010

  • Become Cisco Silver Partner
  • Become Oracle Platinum Partner
  • Establish Telecommunication Device Distributing Center under direct management of HiPT Group
  • Become Microsoft Silver partner of Identity & Security and Midmarket Solution Provider.
  • One of the top 500 Biggest Enterprises in Vietnam in VNR500 ranking board 2010.
Year 2009
  • Establish HiPT Technology Service System Company (HiSN)
  • Approve the official logo of the company.
  • Being given the golden table of “Vietnamese UNESCO Cultural Enterprise” by UNESCO
  • Being advanced partner – Premium Partner - of Blue Coat
  • Being respected and gave the title of “Excellent Agent”  of IBM
  • Being the first partner of Oracle Exadata in Vietnam
  • Being one of ten enterprises officially trading on UPCoM market, securities symbol of  HIG.
  • Being ranked AAA in the credit ranking list of Top 1000 listed enterprises on Vietnamese securities market
Year 2008 
  • Being ranked the 403rd position in the VNR 500 ranking board 2008 – Top 500 Biggest Enterprises in Vientam in 2008.
  • Establish branches of HiSC in HCMC
  • Establish hiSHOP retailing system
Year 2007 
  • Establish HiPT Distribution Center
  • Establish HiPT Research and Development Center
  • Become Cisco Select Certified Partner
  • Cooperate with Marumeni - a Japanese corporation to form a joint venture so-called HiMC software company.
  • Hanoi NewHorizons teaching center becomes a subsidiary of HiPT Group.
Year 2006
  • Establish HiPT Group Branch in Ho Chi Minh city.
  • Establish HiPT Investment and Services JSC.
  • Establish HiPT School of Applied Technology
  • Become Checkpoint Gold Partner 
  • Become Emerson exclusive partner in Vietnam for UPS devices and solutions
  • Become IBM Business Partner – Corporate Reseller and Solution provider.
  • Become SUN Associate partner
Year 2005 
  • Establish HiPT Banking and Financial Solutions Co., Ltd.
  • Establish HiPT Informatics Services and Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Become Checkpoint Gold Partner 
  •  Become ATEX Exclusive Distributor
  • Become BEA Distributor
Year 2004
  • Establish HIPT Solutions and Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Inaugurate new head office at 152 Thuy Khue. The office is well equipped with modern infrastructure and the area in use is more than 3500 m2.
  • Gain ISO 9001:2000 Certificate
  • Operate under the corporation model advised by APMG – the leading Australian Advisory corporation. The turning point marks the comprehensive and sustainable development of HiPT over 10 years after establishment. 
Year 2002
  • Move the head office to 79 Ba Trieu street, Hanoi.
  • Become Oracle Solution Provider
  • Become RSA Security Select Partner

 Year 2000

  • Restructuring High Performance Technology Joint Stock Company. The change marks the growth of HiPT as well as our vision and integration into development trend of the national economy.
  • Become Microsoft Registered Partner.
Year 1999
  • Move the whole software center from 23 Quang Trung to 67 Ngo Thi Nham, Hanoi.
Year 1998
  • Become Huyndai Corporate Reseller.
Year 1994
  • Establish High Performance Technology Limited Company.
           Head office: 12/13 B Pham Ngu Lao
           Showroom: 23 Quang Trung, 63 Ly Nam De
  • Become Premier Business Partner and official distributor of the world leading PCs Hewlett – Packard (HP) Corporation in Vietnam